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The NOCO Pilates Company offers a wide range of pilates, and aerial classes and different package options to promote wellness for the mind, body and spirit. Our classes are small and intimate-we cap them at five people, so our experienced instructors can focus on you and help you develop skillful movements that cater to your specific needs.

A calming environment is key to mindfulness. Several of our classes take place outside at our beautiful waterfront location in Windsor, CO.

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Honor your capacity to manifest health and beauty in your life.

Movement should be a fun and fulfilling experience! That’s why you need a pilates studio that thrives on individuality. Our local team in Windsor, CO is committed to providing safe and educational wellness activities for everyone, regardless of age, body type or fitness level.

At NOCO Pilates Company, your first class is free!

Our class schedule is varied, so you can find time to fit our activities into your busy schedule. Come by today to ask about our introductory packages, which include three private sessions that are perfectly tailored to suit your individual needs. Contact us to learn more about how pilates, yoga or aerial classes can enrich your life.

Treat your mind, body and soul to a NOCO Pilates Class – view our class schedule online to book a class now.

We Have A Fitness Class For Everyone!

It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at or what body type you’re working with-The Pilates Yoga Company fosters an open, welcoming environment at our studio, and we have classes for everyone. We offer special packages that work best with certain lifestyles and life stages, such as classes for senior citizens, nurses, teachers and service professionals.

Check out our list of classes for a variety of movement modalities, including:

Pilates | 4-point suspension Pilates | Aerial Yoga | Core Align

All of these classes involve in-depth instruction. Trying one of these modalities at home can be cumbersome and often lead to injury, tarnishing your first introduction. Let our instructors help you move the way you were designed, honoring where you are right now, at the same time not creating any unnecessary limitations for you. Our instructors are experienced fitness professionals, and we’re passionate about helping you find better health in your self-improvement journey.

Amberly F. - Windsor

“I couldn’t say enough positive things about Noco Pilates Company! For many, starting Pilates can be intimidating but the instructors here are incredibly welcoming and make the classes accessible to everyone. Pilates has easily become my favorite form of exercise, and I have never felt stronger or as flexible in my body as I do now. The owner, Maila is a wonderful soul and outstanding instructor who has created a very warm and welcoming community at her studio. I would suggest Noco Pilates to anyone!”

Arlene Bowman - Windsor

“I have been attending the Senior Pilates class for several years now, and find it very helpful. I credit Pilates for great improvement in flexibility and certainly notice a difference if I miss more than one or two classes. Michele is an excellent instructor and she makes sure each of us is doing what we need to do to improve without causing injury. I enjoy the classes and meeting others in my age group. Thanks! “

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